Monday, August 11, 2008

Bike chic

I think everyone should ride bikes. Let me revise that previous statement: I think everyone should be able to ride bikes safely. The way people, New Yorkers especially, drive at ridiculous speeds and allow themselves to experience such aggravation on the road is disgusting. Nick knew a bartender who just in the last weeks was hit by a car, while he was walking on the sidewalk. I also went on a ghost bike ride for a 8 year old kid last summer, he was hit by a truck. And once in Prospect Park I saw a cyclist get hit by a van, because the cyclist wasn't going fast enough? IN A PARK?
Us as a people have to respect life. It really doesn't matter how annoying a bike rider is, as a driver must do our all in order to make the roads safe. No matter how annoyed you are that you are going to be late, miss a flight or important meeting, it cannot be worth the safety of our neighbors and our community.
Now that I step off my soap box, how wonderful is this lady, dressed to the nines with her lovely bike in tow? I feel that with slightly better lighting this is something the Sartorialist would post up. I just love her ol' clunker bike and basket. It reminds me of European cyclists.

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