Thursday, August 14, 2008

Tuesday Night is a Happy Ending

Tuesday's at Happy Endings is almost always super fun. The dj's play the beats, the kids dance, the fashion is outrageous, the booze is free for an hour, and I'll sometimes run into someone I know... like Tradon. He was on something, but Tradon knows how to kick out the jamz. As per usual my partner in crime, Katie, came out and dance-a-lanced with me.

I tried to take pictures of the cool lights and the balloons, but my point-and-shoot just doesn't have those capabilities. Makes me think I should get a new camera (is that a running theme today?)
Tonight... hanging out at Union Square? The Plumm? The Annex?


Karl-Edwin Guerre said...

looking at your blog i'm going to have to step up my 'on the city vibe' ... Union Sq...The Plumm or Annex....which is the place to be?


Love your bangs. Your friend is totally rockin the eddie s. vibe.