Friday, March 5, 2010

Barbara's Birthday!

Lisa made Barbara this fawesome cake by hand! Since our Barbara is really really into the jamz, Lisa fabricated a cake with this inspiration in mind. It was probably her best and most innovative cake yet! AND the fondant is vegetarian. What what!?
So the celebration took place at our favorite place Tortilla Flats. It was Monday which meant BINGO TIME! Which means tons of shots. Which is reason enough for everyone to go. And by everyone, it was really a nice mash up of people. Babs' co-workers who I adore, plus Babs' not co-workers at all, plus friends of friends who love Barbara. We all had the most fabulous time eating Mexican food, drinking and wearing party hats. Anyone who doesn't love wearing a party hat is a fool.

When its someone's birthday at T-flatz they make the birthday boys and girls compete in a PBR tall boy chugging contest. Whoever finishes their Tall Boy first gets a round of shots for the table, and also is a birthday winner. Barbara kinda won, by the most amazing of flukes. You see, in order to prove you finished your beer you have to turn it upside down over your head. Babs executed this a wee bit prematurely and poured upon her dome some flat, foamy beer. We loved her for it, and she won because she is so darn endearing! More SHOTS!

I wasn't kidding about the tons of shots. There were so many left over from the people who had enough (or were sick like me) that when three more people showed up, there were enough for them to take four shots, each.
This is me- partied out! Great timez Babz!

I'm leaving the country for two weeks. A travel excursion! I'm taking the camera along so I'll have plenty to share about "Not New York" Get excited y'all! I may be able to sneak in a post or two along the way. See you when I get back!
Any guesses to where I'm going?

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Tara Rose Stromberg said...

The land of the Jews!