Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Phillip Lim

The show started with this really awkward moment with these two stage hands pulling the plastic off the runway in a very "matter of fact way" that took over a minute. So the lights are dimmed low, there is no music, no one is talking, the only thing to watch is these two men who probably care nothing about fashion very slowly pull the protective plastic off the runway. You could hear crickets.
However the show was soooo fantastic that the awkward moment was soon forgotten. He started out the collection out with this great gingham fabric comprised of soft grey, beige, brown and black stripes. Plus there was a softness to the fabric, I could see it was a little fuzzy like I wanted to touch it and feel comforted. There were these great shapes, very paired down, just the essentials. The look above, I totally fell for. I loved the silhouette, the criss-cross suspenders, the colors and the porportions. Its sophisticated and pretty little girl at the same time.
And lets have a little conversation about the runway and backdrop. How beautiful, a print of marble. Sleek, smooth, its not distracting, just complimentary. Perfect. Plus the single neon tube light thru the archway, providing just a little bit of 80's modernity, it could have been a parody of chic, but somehow it walked the line and ended up being just elegant.
This is how the show ended. With this bizzare hot pink dress. At first I was confused because there was no pink through out the collection, and while I loved the look I didn't feel it fit with the rest of the show. But of course I was wrong. Every once in a while there was a piece of pink peaking through as an undershirt. And there was gold detailing all over the place. He just busted it out and went big with this last dress and made a motherfucking statement. He got jiggy with himself, and I can totally appreciate that.
The shoes were all Chrisitan Louboutin for 3.1 Phillip Lim. I drooled at all the shoes. There were alot of spindly stilettos, and I'm kinda a chunky heel or wedge kinda girl, but they worked.
Also the hair was really pretty, it was straight-ish until the ears and then these soft bouncy almost 80's with a little surfer california girl thrown into the mix. It was like a dream.
The man himself, what an absolute darling!

This show was absolutely the highlight of my show watching. Major celeb watching, phenomenal fashioning, and good jams, plus amazing backstagerey. Shout out to Chloe!

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