Monday, March 1, 2010

I love a celebrity sighting

I mean, who doesn't love a good celeb sighting?! Its' New York! Here is man about town Simon Doonan. I must run into this gent at least four times a year (and when I say "run into" I mean be in the same room, kinda, but like far away so he doesn't actually know me...yet). I love that his bags always have his initials on them. Its adorable.
Everyone's favorite fashion editor and project runway judge, Nina Garcia. She's sitting next to- if I am not mistaken- Joanna Coles, fellow Marie Claire editor (well she's the editor in chief...).
Oh, Alexa, do you need help finding your seat?
Oh, I love on Hamish so so so much. I just want him to style me. I feel there is no one classier than Hamish. I mean even in stupid wellie rainboots which I totes normally hate- he makes it work.
And there is Fern in her usual seat, sneaking in just as the show is about to begin. I saw Scott running around but the man could not stay still long enough for me to snap a decent shot. I guess he needs to take a photo more than I need to take a photo of him taking a photo. All in all it was an excellent front row!
To what show you may ask? I'll tell you tomorrow...

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