Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Crazies

Oh yes. I love fashion week because I love fashion. I like being around the buzz, feeling inspired, and while I do gush over a minor celeb, I'm there to feel the energy and take something profound away. While I do enjoy dressing up for the events, its because I enjoy dressing up and any excuse is a valid one. But there are some people who go to the nines, to watch someone else's show. So they can be photographed, the desire the lime light. Its a little masturbatory and self indulgent if you ask me, but then again who am I to judge another's motivation for getting' gussied up? Really I can't hate (don't hate the player, hate the game). I'm altogether amused.
Spikes out my glasses, spikes out my knees, spikes out my shoes. Leggings as pants.
A coat made of curly hair, and sunglasses inside with drool on them.
An interesting hair cut...
I can't front, I'm LOVING the shoes. I would totes wear them.
A big hat!

And what is up with all this black? Come on people, color is the new black!

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