Friday, March 26, 2010

Israel oddities

This was the first vegetarian option available to me. It was this weird corn kernel patty with a smoked flavor, and then it was breaded. Its one of the grossest things I've ever put in my mouth. I put it immediately put it out of my mouth and into a napkin. And was never fooled again by any kibbutz's attempts at veggie friendly options.This man likes to take birds, put film canisters on their heads and flip them upside down to weigh them, which we all quite enjoyed watching. What he really does is capture birds, tag them, and set them free in order to collect data at a later point.
We met him on a trip to a nature preserve. One we had to tour in a bus, which made no sense and was kinda contradictory to, you know, a nature preserve. Our nutso tour guide kept talking about raptors, which also made no sense. We did keep a look out for dinosaurs, but saw none. They must have been lurking in the distance beyond.
There were alot of Jewish folk artists in Zefat. I'm not sure this is an oddity, but it is nice to know it exists.
Break in case of passover?
Why is there Matzoh in a box?
This cray cray man from Yemen made some really delish Yemenite food and yelled crazy things at us. It was kinda sorta love at first site.
See below, that one he's making. That one went in my stomach.

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