Thursday, March 25, 2010

Unreal- but its real. Israel!

This looks like a hill side in Eurpoe, like Germany or Switzerland hey? But its in the Middle East, its in Israel. Cray cray.
I was lucky enough to get on a birthright trip to Israel, and the last two weeks of my life have included gallivanting around the Holy Land. The trip itself is nutty. We grabbed a plane super early in the morning and then after 10 hours of flying with very little sleep we arrived at 7AM in Israel. The only thing I wanted to do was take a nap, but that wasn't on the agenda. In fact we didn't get to lie down until almost 10pm. By that time I was awake for over 24 hours and feeling like crying. Like a little baby. Oh no! What had I gotten myself into!?

Really, it was a phenomenal trip, and I encourage anyone who can go on it to do so.
This is the city of Zefat, or Sefad, or Tsfat. They paint the doors, walls and windows blue to represent a piece of heaven which will keep the devil (?) and evil spirits away because it looks like heaven. It was a really beautiful "city", (I use this term loosely because New York is a city, Zefat is a village) the most picture-esque perhaps.
CATS! There are cats every where in Israel. Its at least three times as many as in Brooklyn. Kinda like Italy. I loved it! I loved it so much I kept petting them. And then one did not want to be pet. And it scratched me. And then I got a tetanus shot. Totes baller.

This guy was playing a mean guitar, and I asked him to keep playing because I thought it sounded very nice. It turned out he had just gotten engaged that day! He was playing for joy (presumably). As our group gathered and then traveled past the former-American guitar player he shouted at us "Don't worry! Not everyone who goes on birthright ends up looking like me!"
See that sign between Phil and I? Photo inspiration.

I'm having problems trying to organize my thoughts about this trip. It was two weeks of a total blur! Amazing, fantastic, and hopefully I can share more at a later post in a more comprehensive manner. My brains are still melting. I blame it on jetlag.

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