Monday, July 27, 2009

The High Line

Johanne, my love from Belgium, a good friend- friend for life (and a Francophone, what is it with me and French speakers? seriously! I just can't get enough!) came to NY for a visit with her great friend Marie Pierre, nick named Mype.
Johanne lived here for year, but it was Mype's first time- so they spent alot of time doing touristy stuff. I feel like that is all well and good, but I know why I love NY, and its not because I can visit the Statue of Liberty or go to the top of the Empire State Building. There is a spirit of the city- a charming street, a good slice of pizza, fashion-fashion-fashion, hustle bustle, community within a whole hell of a lot of assholes, beautiful creatures of the night, bike messengers... oh the ever shifting list of wonderful things that come together to make a heart beat, a breath, a rhythm, and gives it a saucy character.

When I travel I try to keep this idea in mind and try to fall in love with other cities. When I have guests I try to bring them to the New Yorkiest places I know- and leave them to their own devices when it comes to making the trek to Times Square. They can visit that on their own time.
I understand the pull, I suppose, but its too plastic and not really New York, even though it absolutely is, ya get?
So I decdied that on a Sunday I would take over. I knew we needed to walk a shit ton after eating my hands down favorite pizzaria (John's on Bleeker for all ya'll). We meandered through the West Village, stopping at interesting shops, a neato gallery, and of course a Marc Jacobs or two,- all en route to the High Line. It is a brand new, and super neat park.
If you live here, you know it is one of the only above ground parks in the US, built on the old rail road tracks used for carrying freight (and meat- yes, once the meatpacking district was true to its namesake).
You can still see the old tracks, and a view of New Jersey (is that a pro or a con?). It was a nice way to spend an afternoon, lounging on the over sized chairs, enjoying a paused moment, taking in the completely interesting park. I recommend it to anyone. Its unlike any park I've ever been to, and while there is no grass to laze around in (which is absolute favorite thing to d0) there is plenty of greenery, people watching and good architecture. Check it.
After our fantastic day at the high line Mype gave me such a complement- New York would not be New York without you. And suggested I start giving tours of the city. I think I would like to do that very muc- and it would be so so so much fun. I love foreginers, I mean after all, I'm a New Yorker!

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