Friday, April 25, 2008

Tuesday Night

Sura and I went to Bowery Electric on Bowery and Bond. It was nice inside, a little empty, but pretty chill, and mostly hip. The dj's played pretty good jams, not the typical bar music like Journey, AC/DC etc. I called up James, who lives around the corner in, get this, the old Ramoness hangout apt. His roommate happens to be the graphic artist of the Ramones, you know, the guy who invented the Ramoness logo, etc. It's basicly like living in a museum. There are all these photos of members of the Ramones in the apt, by the things they are by. For example, there is a photo of Joey Ramone standing next to a pipe, and this photo is hung by the pipe. Once there was this scrap book just lying out and inside the plastic pages were the original pieces of paper that lyrics to many of the iconic songs we know and love from the Ramones were written on. Witnessing history. The dude himself I guess is in his 60's but I've never met him.
So James came and brought Casey and we had a championship time.
Then just Sura and I went to the Inn for the Trashion party. Dimitry!!! who always seems to be djing wherever I go was... djing. When we walked into the Inn, it seemed utterly dead, there was one guy in the place, then we remembered to walk upstairs where the jamz were in full swing. I met Andre, who had ODB on his shirt.

It was luv at first sight.

Oh yeah. Walking back to the subway around 3:00 AM we spotted this gentleman asleep in the very posh clothing store on W 13th st. Very bizzare.

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