Monday, April 21, 2008

Brooklyn Flea

I headed to the Brooklyn Flea Market on Vanderbuilt and Lafayette. My feelings...mixed. There was a great sense of community, and some quirky people there, which is really what you hope for from a flea market. But you also hope for junk tables to riffle through with the perfect lamp, or the table with just a few nicks in it, but for 27 dollars, it's totally a steal. There wasn't much of that. Most of the vendors were also store owners, and their prices and attitudes mirrored that. There were many thrift store clothing items at first purchase prices. Still, my roommate was able to find a nice mirror for only 25 dollars that does work really well with her room, and only a few nicks. And there was a table, that had folding leaves and an expanding middle that Nick fell in love with, but since he doesn't live in Brooklyn yet, it didn't make sense for him to purchase it. The legs were carved masterpieces.
On the way home we stopped by a stoop sale, and managed to score a reallysuperlong coat peg rack for our hallway and a cute red chair, small enough for our lovely fire escape/turned porch and bright enough for our color choices in our apt. All for 20 bucks. What a steal.

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