Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tuesday night, every New Yorker's true party night, came a-knockin'. But not to worry, Sura and I were already armed with a plan. We went to the Meatpacking District, which is normally lame lame lame with long lines, dude-bro "grown up" frat boys, and pricey covers. However, we were "on da list" and didn't have to deal with most of that and APT didn't have too many frat boys.
The styling, true to its name, was that of an "apartment." It was swankier than any bachelor pad I've seen. It had a bed, dining room table, lounge area, etc. A nice detail included a map of the Eastern Hemisphere, no America's to be seen. Another nice aspect was a deck! Who has a deck in NYC anymore? And it was HUGE! So, for you smokers out there, and for you dancers who just need to cool off, you can go right outside without being in the street. Amazing.
The dj set was really scene appropriate, and it just felt wonderful to be dancing in the downstairs "double" bar space. We stayed until late.

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