Friday, April 4, 2008

Night and Day, you are the one.

I went to the Dark Fair last weekend, which was basically an Armory rejects show with a neat theme. Every presenter was given a black booth (as seen in the photo above) to show their work, which allowed viewers to sit with the artist and have a conversation about the piece, should they choose. It also gave the artist a context in which to create/display their work in an irregular gallery setting. The space had no overhead lighting which gave the entire space a cool/erie underground vibe (even though it was on the third floor) and also allowed for the presenters to really have absolute control over the amount of lighting they wanted. My favorite was the ghost playing a record in front of a painting of a ghost playing a record. Fortunately or unfortunately the Ghost piece was the first booth one saw when entering the space, kinda ruins it for the rest of everyone else. Although there was a cool glow stick portrait thing by Ports. I'm not sure what happens to the photos once they are taken, but anyone who wanted could pose next to the glow of many glow sticks and the photographer would take your picture after his assistant shined a flashlight at you.

Earlier that day I went to the Met to see a lecture by very popular fashion bloggers including my absolute favorite, The Sartorialist. There was also this amazing woman who was waiting in line to get her admission to the museum. I assume she was attending the same lecture as I, as she was wearing a bunch of different plaids (including plaid genie pants), a fez-esque hat and loooong shiny shoes.

And on Wednesday I went out with some lovely folk in Alphabet city. We went to a bar called which the bartender/owner (?) informed us that the dj was the one who makes all these UFO tags in the city. I happened to have this photo on my camera at the time, and was able to confirm that it is indeed him. FABULOUS!

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