Monday, April 14, 2008

back track

Every first Saturday at the Brooklyn Museum is a party. They open it late and have dj's and bands and lecturers to welcome in their new exhibit which this month was Murakami!He's such a visually exciting artist, combining all sorts of mediums and references to create this other world. An "other world" where women jump rope their lactate out of their colossal breasts. I first saw his work a few years ago at the New York Asia Society (if I remember correctly). There was a entry fee for the Murakami part of the museum and everyone basically snuck (sneaked?) in , because paying for art when you think its going to be free is the suck. On the other hand Murakami is le shit even if there is a Louis Vuitton store in the space. I think the store just gives more context to the work in a unconventional sort of way. It celebrates his entry (by now it's less of an entry and more of a placeholding) into the mainstream/commercial world, and by embracing it, he almost destroys the negative connotations, and lets us laugh with him.
My roommate and I always host a little wine drinking gathering and check out some art for free.

Afterwards, our shindig was a pretty good time.

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