Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Hunter MFA Open Studio

On Friday it was a hard choice for me:
Brooklyn Critical Mass, or Hunter MFA open studios. I ended up going to the open studios. First of all, one should be warned that you head into no man's land when you trek out to the studios, which are located west of the Port Authority. You have traffic, shady overpasses, and New Jersey looming in the distance to contend with, but it is totally worth it.
The studios are all hodge podged together, each one being unique. One was in a room with no windows, there were three or four all in the same space, with a second level connecting them all, much like a post- industrial loft dwelling, ones that looked like stark white gallery spaces, etc etc etc. Navigating the space itself was part of the experience.
The other expereice was, of course, the art.

Amazing couch-platform "ride"(?) that we got to participate in. That couch swiveled 360 around its center and the whole platform also spun.

Muthafukin' fort!

Inside the fort!

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