Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Brooklyn Biking and Bowling

Last night I rode my bike the 3-ish miles to Melody Lanes in the South Slope to meet Rebecca, Konstantine and co. It was a really nice ride, almost all the way down 5th ave. One can see the change, almost as a linear time line. The posh nice bars and restaurants are closer to Flatbush and as one continues down 5th ave it becomes a little less posh, and then there are more corner stores (I don't know what you are talking about when you say bodega, every New Yorker knows its a corner store) and then it starts to get a little run down, there are more pot holes, but then it becomes completely desolate when you hit the Greenwood Cemetery. It's bizzare to think all these people live right across the street from this MASSIVE cemetery. The 3-ish miles back was almost all uphill. I got a work out to say the least, but it was amazing bike riding weather.
When I was a young girl everyone had their birthday parties at Melody Lanes. It was my first time back in 12+ years. They have since painted the walls hella 80's Miami vice colors complete with matching ceiling and floor tiles. And it looks like they still have cosmic bowling. I lost pretty bad, I think my highest over all score was 34. My personal best.
Action shots to come.

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