Monday, July 20, 2009

oh life!

On Thursday night I met up with Babs and Katie at Terminal 5, not my favorite venue, but whatevs. We went to go see the Dead Weather, and they knocked it out of the park. But of course a Jack White-Allison Mosshart combo is going to be baller, obvi. My only complaint is that the music is so raw and gritty, and sexy and no one is rocking out. Its a venue, a sold out venue, filled to the brim with kids who are in love with this band, with this music, and no one is dancing. Not that I ever want to impose my way of enjoying the jams, but I really think some sexy, sweaty, rought and tough dancing would have just matched the jams accordingly.
Then we went to T-flatz afterwards, and ate a beer or two since thier kitchen was closed.
---FUN FACT---
Drinking a shot of cranberry juice right after a shot of tequilla makes you feel like you never did the shot in the first place. Thanks, Shawn!

Then Friday I got out of work early to meet Babs and Lisa for a taping of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Its always interesting to check out how a show is taped, and for living in NYC I don't nearly take advantage of all that goofy stuff. Surpirze, the band playing was the Dead Weather. So we rocked it out, and we're off to the left watching the band. It was neat-o. Also the bass player of the roots is totes hot and a half.

Friday night I went on the WORST date of my entire life. Ladies and gents, never get so trashed that your date has to shove you into a cab. Also don't write an email the next day saying you don't remember what happened. It's soooo not classy.

Katie, Babs and I saw a matinee- 500 days of summer- and let me tell you, seeing a movie before noon in NYC equals 1996 prices! We saw the flick for 6 or 7 bucks! Baller! Also the movie was adorable and fun. Katie then invited us over to her BRAND NEW APT! Its really sweet, well decorated and totally Kaite. The light filtered through the curtians, the color scheme, the full collection of Twilight... Go Katie! Congrats!

We left Katie, with my new awesome roommate, Laura, and headed over to LIC to check out PS1's warm up. The art, for the first time ever, was kinda meh. No Olafur Eliasson this time... But the installation was cool- it looked like a woolly mammoth.

Then I watched a ton of Babs' IBers get skrunk and go to a strip club. We decided not to pay 20 bucks to see totties and went back to her apt. On the way rescued someone's iPhone. We're good samaritans.

Sunday my pops came over and helped me fix the apt. I have two shelves, and Laura has a light in her bedroom, and he also fixed my earrings! And I bought him ice cream!
It's crazy now that I'm older my dad will curse in front of me, and it still wierds me out a bit. On one had I love it because it shows he's a human and is treating me like a peer instead of his little girl, but it will never stop being bizzare to hear him call his potential new boss a bitch. Sometimes I act like I can't fix things in my apt because there is comfort in having my dad help me. I don't think I do it intentionally, but I have noticed that I do have him come over for things I could probably figure out on my own- as I'm a smart lady. Hey- what can I say- I love my dad.

I ended my Sunday biking out to Bushwick to hang with 10 men and watched "Another Gay Movie." And ate delcious potatoes and veggies at taco night. And then I played pool and rode my bike home.

No one can accuse me of not taking full advantage of this city and living life for every second. Fuck all that noise- I'm a 20-somthing in NYC! I love it!

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