Tuesday, July 7, 2009

And she's off!

So today, at 5AM, my darling roommate, and her cat, Mersault, left for the airport, to take herself out of NY and put herself in LA. We're both going to miss each other very much, we know, but our cats-who have been totally in love for the last year, well- we are concerned for their happiness also.
Of course Sura HAD to go out with a bang! So we threw our last party, and it was a perfect good bye. I mean, after throwing the most amazing parties together, time after time (we're very modest), we've really perfected the practice.

Bed partiers! Always a hot spot!
My brother, in attendance!
My old old friend, and neighbor for my freshmen year of college, Alex, got stranded in New York due to airport issues and totally crashed the party, which was baller- when one must choose between going to a rockin' party at a friends house and sleeping at an airport terminal, the decision is really too easy.
To conclude the night, and perhaps instituting a tradition, we watched an old movie from the 90's and all our childhoods. Free Willy was the cinematic masterpiece of choice (VHS) mostly because we watched the end credits during the party. To remind ya'll, the end credits are of whales swimming in the ocean and Michael Jackson singing. And it makes life amazing.

Good bye Sura! So glad we met! Don't be a stranger!
P.S. I'll miss your full closet of extra clothes for me to wear.

P.P.S. I'm still having problems formatting my photos, now that I host them on a ftp. Anyone have any ideas to not make em blurry?

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