Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bizzare Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, a land of wonder and delight. Of muggy, rainish, damp weather, and a capital of 280,000 people. Of strange things my "city folk" brain can only begin to wrap my mind around. Loved on it-hard.
So here, we're a-lookin' at A Mounty Mascot...that's a Bear...on a Segway....
And keeping with the grand ol' tradition of serious groups with not so serious mascots, the Canadian Army also has a Bear- with a very large (disporportionaly so) upper torso, nice slim waist, and human legs.
My favorite part is not the WTF-ness of this anime dude waving a flag being drawn by horse and carriage. No, it is the pride on the face of the carriage driver.
And his hat.
K of C!
He was there, watching the Royal Tattoo (more on that later) with us. He is a real person.
The Grandma Pirate Brigade. I didn't get a good picture from the rental car, but there were alot of grandmas, dressed up like pirates.
Did you hear about the sexy pirate movie? It was rated ARRRR!
This is the French Police. No kidding.

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