Thursday, July 23, 2009

Agathe et moi

Agathe is just this lovely girl I met in New York. She's Parisian- so she's sassy and fashionable, and those two qualities often combine. But more than that, she's in love. She's in love with love, but more importantly, she's in love with New York.

You know how every so often, but oh so rarely, you meet a life changing person? Because to change is so hard, and to find someone to inspire you to do that comes along once in a lifetime. Well Agathe is one of two people who have changed my eye sight. I can finally see a bit better, like a optometrist to a patient who thought he could see well, but now realizes he needed a different prescription all along.

"I'm so happy to see you! I'm so glad I came, I'm happy to be here."

These magic words finally made sense when I heard them in her sweet and very charming French accent. She has taught me to be happy in the moment, to always embrace my friends and friends-to-be with big hugs, to dance the night away (well, I may have already known that) and to always let people be allowed to pleasantly surprise me.

She leaves for France in less that a month- and I am already saving my pennies for a trip a Paris. To be without this fire-of-a-girl is to be living without bright red lipstick, if you catch my drift...

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