Monday, January 5, 2009

a Year in Review

As my beloved Katie did, I wanted to make a photo journal of the fawesome year I just finished up.
The year started off with bang at my very first Winter Black Belt camp. Very cold, very exciting. A new form, the first of its kind- a two person form- was debuted. I witnessed history.
The Yale club black and white masquerade ball aka Barbara's bizzirthday par-tay, complete with best friend bonding, sexually deviant acts, and cell phone throwing. A good time was had by all, for what we can remember of it.
Oh, and I wore Chanel for the first time
Great and many trips to the Brooklyn Museum for its first Saturday's were had. I saw Judy Chicago's Dinner Party more times than I ever thought I would.
In March I headed over to Chi-city (and started this blog upon my return) to see some art and holler at my some of my most favorite people ever. My heart force.
Sura and I attended a few open studios including Parsons, SVA, Bars, Columbia and Hunter (above.)
As the seasons became warmer I bonded with the kids on the block.

I went to Chicago again, on my very first business trip, and attended Neo Con, contract furniture galore!
I saw the best thing you will ever see.
And then a miraculous night, I saw Agyness Dyen and met Katie. And got really really drizzunk.
I.D. Annual Design review, fabu!
I made out with Diplo.

No I didn't, but I did see him on the ones and twos. Baller.
My best friend came to visit and we went to the farmer's market, DUMBO and much much dancing.
TKD in the mountains summer trip, some new black belts were made!
Oh yeah, New York Paris Tokoyo- Baby, I'm the way to go... or something I don't really remember the lyrics to Richie Rich's one song, but I do remember an amazing time.
Oh yeah, backstage at Fashion Week, the most exhausting week of my life. And so much fun. And so inspiring. Just you wait, February, here I come.
Montreal, a very cool city indeed, received a visit from me and Nick. It was happy to have us. So was Tim.
For the second time this year I saw Michel Gondry, and for the second time in the year I couldn't really breathe, and got all butterflies in my tummy-ish and swallowed all my words and didn't say a word to him.
We added a new member to the fam fam.
The year ended with Katie's quarter century (by they way, that's Tracy on Katie's lap, a most fabulous and amazing lady in her own right, another new friend of the year- and an amazing one... and its totes, not toats)

Here I am, pretending to be Kanye, welcoming you into a new year, new york, new you, new me.