Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The New Museum

When Katie called me up and said "Hey! You wanna do something that's not drinking? Something during the daylight? Expand your mind, give you exercise, cultivate your opinions!?" I said sure, of course, splendid!
We traipsed on down to the New Museum.
My last experience with the New Museum was its first exhibit since the move to their massive building on the Bowery. It was called Un Monumental and it was true to its name. The work was basically bunk with only two exceptions that I can recall.
We started at the roof and worked our way down. The view was AMAZING! Look at Katie, dealing with her fear of heights spectacularly.
Next we were greeted by two floors of Elizabeth Peyton. Her work followed with the un monumental idea,. The portraits looked like a girl who really liked rock music in the 90's did it. My imagined internal dialouge for Liz P. was something along the lines of -
"Oh hey, I really like Kurt Cobain. Look at his photo in Rolling Stone. I'm going to paint it. Oh hey Sid Vicious, I'm going to paint your photos. Let me holler at Kieth Richards for good measure. Mmmm Oasis, a painting of Liam should do just fine."
Her choices of who to paint seemed very obvious. It felt like a collection of one rock fan's work. The only thing I really liked about the work was all the dudes looked like ladies, and that's always hot.
There was a little video installation in the stairwell that I got much more out of than any other work... but it was still not THE BEST EVER!!1!

The New Museum still has some work to do.

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Krystal said...

isn't ny just the best!