Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Sweedish Sweeedish

So it's Fashion week in Sweeden. I'm crazy in love with Scandinavia, I love their musicians, I love their weather, the government systems, and their style. I could really, get up and move to Denmark and start my line. Who's with me (and be with me I mean funding me...)?
So today on the Sartorialist he has posted up some photos from the land. They are by far my favorite from the site in a hot minute, as you know I rarely post other peeps photos/content. That man... I really have nothing else to say about that.
When I met Scott for the first time, he told me I should cut my hair short. I've only rarely heard that, and while I admire it on many people, such as Tracy and Katie, I am very attached to my long strawberry blonde locks. But if I could look like this Sweede, well, I'll just say, Scott, you may be on to something.

And then there is always this...


Delighted and Charmed said...

I am SO down for moving to Sweden. Remember the crazy Swedes at the Annex this summer?? Also, I ALMOST POSTED ON THE SAME TOPIC yesterday. Sometimes I wonder if we are the same person. xox

p.s. thanks for the short hair shout out. and your hair is GREAT!

Carl Hult said...

Sorry to say that Swedes are really boring and lonely. But if you guys wanna move here you should rent my studio in Stockholm while I am in NYC having fun.