Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ahem, I know its actaully inauguration day(!) today, and MLK day was yesterday. I'm no dumb-dumb. I just didn't post this up because I got out of the office early.
Martin Luther King Jr is my main man, one of my favorite people. What he did for the country- and how he did it, amazing.
I posted up this speech, because its so good. It talks, not of his cause, but the way in which we must fight it. Not through violent means, but through conversation, through protest and through undeniable love. And he really changed the world.
Every six years or so we are back fighting the same wars, killing people and killing our planet.
The Doctor must have known that a message cannot be heard through gunshots, but rather through song. And he made real change. Of course we still must take big steps forward before we all look at each other as equals, but because of him radical changes, both in our minds and in legislature were taken, changes we cannot and will not undo or fall backwards on.
So please, when someone wishes you a happy MLK Jr day, don't say "Yay, I have the day off." Really consider what this amazing man did for you and your fellow man, spend the day thinking about what you can do to make your world better.
Or at least watch his I Have a Dream speech. It will give you chills.

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