Thursday, October 16, 2008

TV on the Radio

One of my favorite bands, like ever, is TV on the Radio. If you don't like them, whatever, we don't have to be friends anymore.
The music makes all sorts of references, like when I sit with my dad in the car, my dad who like a dedicated gardener tended to his flower and watered me time and again with Doo Wop till I blossomed (that's not supposed to sound grody, take your mind out of the gutter), I can play a TV on the Radio song and we can talk about their voices, their harmony.
Like if you loved Marvin Gaye, you'll love them. If you want to pretend you're kinda in Jamacia, you'll hear it. If you like a good rock song you can rock out. And their sound fills the void, vibrating all the cells within the space.

I actually like them more recorded, but they were amazing, and anything with a live brass section wins my heart.

Me and Bro saw them at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple, which is a really really fucking cool place to see shows. Go there, admire the details, all the original light fixtures, stage curtains, and wall paintings are still there. Even the old wooden box speakers sit on either side of the stage, just hanging out, though probably not being used. A hiaku.
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