Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Ry-Ry Ryan Adams

Nick and I drove up to Albany (the worst capital ever with a huge complex that is impossible to get out of and also completely terrifying, and filled with horrid architecture) and saw Ryan Adams (the Cardinals) at the Egg, which is a nutty venue, kinda shaped like an egg but mostly shaped like a space ship.
(look, there are the tour buses in front)

There was no opener which was great. Just two hours of pure Ry-ry Ryan's fans are pretty diverse, there's people like us who think his music is smart and people who think its kinda like country music and everyone in between. Also I forgot what not being in a city is like, and people are more crazy and less sophisticated and shout things at the band, mostly nice things but also "Play Freebird!" Obnoxious.

Here are the Cardinals playing one of my absolute favorites, The Sun Also Sets.

I kinda teared up a little bit for their encore which was Dear John which is my favorite song, and makes the short list for Nora's top songs ever. And also because I'm easily affected.

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