Thursday, October 23, 2008

Love affairs with Tourists

The other night I went out with my very good friend from school, Lukas. We met at this WAY touristy place on St Marks and 2nd. I was immediately put off because I don't like tourists at all. But let me tell you a little story about REALLY cheap booze and food. I got a "Texas" size (20 oz) goblet of beer and it was $5.50. And if you order a sugary drink, like the strawberry margarita that Lukas got, they will give you an extra shot for a buck. Daymn.
Oh and, when you get the munchies, a plate of fries is 2 bucks. yeah, amazing.
It's called something BBQ if you ever want to hang with tourists.
And then in front of an (gag) Pinkberry was a man/lady with a ferret just running around the table. It was very well trained if I do say so myself. So I turned into a tourist and took photos.

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