Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jens YUCKman

I used to have a crush.
Me and Jen Lekmen. The man who could write a song about a hair-cutting woman, he said "when Shirin cuts my hair its like a love affair." I once was on the subway listening so intensely to the end of a song about going to a lady friend's house, pretending to be her boyfriend so her Catholic dad doesn't find out she's actually a lesbian, I started a lil' cry when he belted out "Don't let anybody get in your way!"
My dad fell in love with him too, the way he took Motown and Doo Wop and 50's pop and turned it into amazing melodic songs.

Of course when I found out he was playing Brooklyn at the Music Hall of Williamsburg I paid for tickets for me and Nicholas.
We were giddy with excitement, to dance to our favorite songs, to sing along with Jens!
Except he just played a dj set. It was... alright. Basically it was just your generic dj set that one can hear at "the dance club."
As Nick said "I kinda lost respect for him."
As I say "Jens, you're a jerk. I didn't spend money and time for you to hear your poorly mixed DJ skills."

The best part of my night was when he played Mirah Carey's fantasy, but it wasn't the ODB version, so minus 5. Jerk.
Nice parrot sweatshirt.

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