Thursday, October 23, 2008

Barbara and Nora's trip to the Museum of Natural History

We so so totes really love on the Museum of Natural History. More than, like, everyone else. So we went, and took photos.
There is so much to learn and be grossed out about.
AND even though they often like to completely re-do whole sections of the museum to keep "relevant" so it looks nothing like our childhood museum, they have left the Gem Room, aka the Coke Den for little kids. Love on it.Biggest tree, it was probs really tall.

Motha fuckin MAN OF WAR!
Looking off into the distance. You love that perspective.
This new and improved planetarium and outerspace section, the "Rose Center" will give you your weight on Mars, the Sun, and various Asteroids etc. COOL. Plus there is a Big Bang movie at the bottom of the sphere in the middle narrated by Maya Angelou.
A globe containing a self sustaining environment with gross little sea monkey things in murky water.

The Gem Room, self explanatory. Coke is a rock, right?

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