Friday, October 24, 2008

Gant and Sart

Katie and I went to this exhibition of the Sartorialist's work, basically every day people (and by every day I mean amazingly fashionable and attractive) were given some clothes from GANT and were made to style themselves, and then Scott takes an amazing photo. They get framed and you (me) can place a bid at a silent auction to own a framed photo and dollars go to kids.
And if you're kinda broke, like me, you can just go to the fab party for the release of the photos and clothes and drink for free and socialize...
We met amazing people, like this lovely lady who MADE her dress.
And Katie met Q. I don't think his name is spelled Q, he's Korean and I, unfortunately, don't know how to spell in Korean, so I'm going with the single letter spelling of his name. Plus its WAY cooler. He was very well dressed and had this cool knitted Band of Outsiders tie that cost him less than 20 bucks. Fashionable and thrifty, a good package.

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