Friday, September 5, 2008

Olafur Eliasson

This man is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists. Totes in lurve. At PS 1 he had three separate pieces, all equally amazing and intriguing.
Above is a reverse waterfall he created. I don't know if it was PS1 or him who decided that you should be able to view this piece from above, but it really is in the perfect gallery.
So, I walked into this room, the only room on the top floor with art in it, and I was greeted by 2 dozen or so people, lying on to floor. I realized the "art" was above them.

If you look to the right I'm lying on the floor with Nick.. and everyone else. I'm wearing a plaid dress.
This piece was just... no words to describe. As it turned out, the "art" was not above us. It was in the experience of interacting with the piece, with my fellow viewer. The mirror on the ceiling was tilted and rotated, creating slight deviations in perception. I was able to know I would not strike anyone when I moved my limbs, not by looking at them directly, but by glancing at our collective reflection. I became part of the community of the gallery instead of my own self moving through space with other selves. I became us.
And for the first time I had a bird's eye view, of myself, and was able to photograph that. I was on the ceiling and the floor at the same time. I was fascinated.
Finally, Olafur created a constant rainbow, hosted indoors, and one I could touch. How could I not be fall in love with him? He took me on an amazing first date with his waterfalls, and weeks later is still amazing me, oh Olafur, keep doing what you do.

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