Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I went to the Surface Magazine conversation series event with a discussion between Wendell Castle and Todd Bracher. Wendell makes one offs of "art-furniture" or what I like to think of as functional art. Todd contracts his work out or is hired by companies to make multiple pieces in a factory. They are both brilliant in their own right but seemed to, ahem, disagree on what makes sense when it comes to making furniture. Is it better to build your one off unique piece filled with personality? Is it better to make simple uncluttered sophisticated pieces that can be mass produced? What do you think?

They all had very little in common, but here is the list:
- both make prohibitively expensive furniture for rich people only
- both have a double letter at the end of their name

I also really liked Todd's personality, while I thought "Perhaps Wendell deserves my respect for all he has done but he's condescending like a mofo." He totally spoke with that Bush smile-snear on his face. It was grody.
Also the conversation was hosted in the Tribecca Grand (!) and in this cool mini auditorium with undulating seats. I loved on that too.