Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Ruff Club

The Ruff Club knows how to throw a party. On Friday they threw one, as they always do, and DAYUM! I had no idea what I was getting myself into. We saw a drum kit being set up, but all that went through our minds was, lame, live music at a club. Oh, we were so so so wrong. Little did we know we would be surrounded by a mosh pit and crowd surfers. I didn't know anything about the Death Set before. Now I know, you're in for a ride, an amazing, sweaty, potentially dangerous ride. Chloe, visiting from Chicago, ran into the fabulous gent below. He was dressed to the nines, the tens, the elevens. We were in luv.
Later, I ran into long lost Eddie of Style Sightings! He's this amazing photographer who is now flying all over the world just doing it. Taking photos, being an active participant of the fashion world. If there is anyone to be jealous of, this is the man. Overall, an amazing night of dancing, thrashing, schmoozing, and boozing.

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