Monday, May 4, 2009

Matthew McCaslin

Last week I headed on over to the Gering and Lopez gallery to check out the Matthew McCaslin gallery. He makes work I can really get into, literally.

He had created an installation with florescent lights and metal dry wall studs. We all played like children within the space he had created. It became less about "Why?" was it there, and more "How can I participate with this work?" which is usually my favorite kind of art.

Much of his work seemed to be themed around outer space and science fiction, late 70's early 80's style, while using familiar materials. The work managed to de-contextualize the materials, so they weren't light bulbs, studs, and metal wire casings, but an environment completely on to its own. Old school sci-fi. Or syfy?

AND THERE WERE BLACK LIGHTS which made my neon nails glow. That could have been the best part.
That was probably the best part.

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