Wednesday, May 13, 2009

hi tek

"Since the 1960’s a silver, chrome or monochromatic inconspicuous box with lines or vents or small grids of holes has signified “high-tech.” This is a seductive, superficial language that so transparently tries to convince the consumer that there is advanced intelligent technology inside. This is high-tech shamanism. "

Karim Rashid

Metropolis may 2009

Karim can kinda seem like a dick in his all pink outfits, and overall sass quotient, but nothing has better described my distaste for electronic products than this statement. Why can't we move beyond the appointed aesthetics and get to some damn good design.

Whenever I need a new phone (because I've either lost it or dropped it in the toilet...) I always ask for the one that does the littlest amount of stuff. I don't want a camera on my phone, I don't want texting (thought I just recently got both) I just want the phone to do what a phone does. I want it to look like a phone, not a gadget. I want it to be pretty, or slick, or minimal. Not the 80's version of future, ala epcot center. (Hey Phillip?)

And why do sneakers have to have vents and loads of plastic pieces all over them?

Poor design.

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