Friday, May 8, 2009

Summer Jamz

When seasons change, my music preferences shift. I've begun the last two winter seasons with Hot Chip and Kanye. I don't know why exactly, it just feels right. The weather in NY has been less than awesome lately, really really raining. It's been very confusing to my music shift for sunshine and spring time and warm and dresses. Today though, it is be-you-ta-ful, so I pulled out the ol' iPod and put on...
Rage Against the Machine!
I don't really listen to Rage all that often, but it felt so right for my walk to work.
I still maintain that "Killing in the Name Of" is the best song to drive to, in the history of good songs to drive to. It always comes out on top. Not that I drive that much anymore.
So RATM always makes me think of high school, and in particular a band from my high school called Nasty. They were all seniors when we were all frosh. And they were SO cool. And I got my bass lessons from the bassist, Ivan. Ankura got her guitar lessons from the guitarist, Paul. OMG we were all totally enamoured with how cool this band was.
Like for thier last concert at Battle of the Bands (!) ever before graduating and moving on to the real world of college (!) they covered Killing in the Name of and then actaully CURSED! IN THE HIGH SCHOOL! Because they could never be banned from high school's BOB again. SO BADASS.
I love how music can take you (me) to a incredibly nostalgic place.
Happy weekend, ya'll!

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