Tuesday, May 19, 2009

ICFF extravanganza!


ICFF- International Contemporary Furniture Fair, comes to a close tonight. My week (and weekend) has consisted of long days at the Javitz followed by several parties in the evening. Full of schoomzing, oogling hot (well dressed) menz, talking about furniture, designers, who knows who, etc. I must have fielded the ever popular question "How's it going?" 70 times.
I mostly loved it- but I am tuckered out. And as much as I adore seeing the same editors, designers, and furniture fans at the same events, after this evening's final party (at the Four Seasons!) I'm ready to say good bye to the incestuous world of furniture, for a few hours anyways... and hello to my bed.

I'll update more later- but here is a pic of me from last night's party at the Future Perfect-

And- MY photography for an interview on Interview Magazine's blog. BLADOW!

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