Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashion Week- ADAM pt 1

Man oh man alive did I drop the ball with hollering at the tents in any sort of timely manner. I will say that between the new job, and uhhhh life (?) I've been struggling to keep it all up. But I've been getting used to the schedule and I'm looking forward to keeping this a-going.
So did you guys totally freak out at the floating marble block over the entrance? It was soo well done. It lessened my apprehension about the new location (I don't like change). My little darling Chloe called me up to stop by check out the ADAM show.
She was allz like -Hey I ain't no model, don't take my damn photo. But I did because she's so darn ADORABLE.
ADAM just makes really beautiful clothes. Are they crazy off the wall? Are they twenty colors and oversized silhouettes? Nope. But do I lust after them? Are embellishments used thoughtfully? Are the proportions perfect? Yup. Its clear that Adam has a point of view, and its to create really top notch clothing for ladies.
I love the backstage craziness. The handlers took some time making sure this girl's shoes worked correctly.
I like to think these are someone's moms helping add last minute extra notches to the shoe's buckles. Remember when I said fashion is so not glamourous? This is the personification of that. Its hard work and crouching behind a trash bin trying to get one more hole- using a tired, old leather punch- on a fabulous pair of shoes.
I love seeing the designers talk about their collections. Sometimes designers have a lot of say and are really hands on with their collections, and sometimes they just provide more a face for the collection and might approve things that go through the system. Now I have no authority to say either way, I've never been to the ADAM studio, but it appears to me that Mr. Lippes is really part of the discussion, which makes sense considering his history- holding the title of creative director at one of my absolute favorites, Oscar de la Renta.
The front of house was super packed as to be expected.
I watched the show from the sound booth, which made be feel a little bit cool. In my head I pretended I was an important person overseeing the production. Basically I sat up a little bit straighter...

Show coverage next post!


Justiino said...

Seems like u had fun <3 Follow me back :D

JMay said...

What a blast, would love to get to be there!!

norawoah said...

It was a great time! I totally geeked out.