Wednesday, November 10, 2010


The show was phenomenal. The devil was in the details, because the show was very simple. If I remember correctly almost all the songs were Sleigh Bells, opening with this song: which you should probably listen to while reading the post as it gives the proper mood and delicately balances between light, airy and girly, and heavy and grownup.
The color story hung out mostly in the beige/white/light colors arena which is why this dress made such an impact. Hello red. Simple, charming, and mischievous running parallel.
This man knows about embellishments and really uses them to pump up the volume in a subtle way while still making an impact and strengthening the storytelling in the collection.
Like I said before- nothing ground breaking or brand spanking new, just a lovely collection that I would want every single piece from. It was well-rounded, cohesive, and just luxe enough. It showed a ranged from great knits and casual separates to fantastic night on the town looks, and kept the surprises staggered throughout.Oh hey guys...
high five?
C'mon, you can't leave Mr. Lippes hangin'!

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