Monday, October 4, 2010

Duck Eggs

Yes, yes- I've been naughty. Its been almost a month! So much has happened- including a new job for me! (and fashion week, bastille day at le bain, weekend trips to visit friends, plus next month is do it myself month, but more on all this later) That is part of the reason that I've been MIA, trying to adjust to the new schedule, making sure I have my ducks in a row (digression, the co-op had a sign next to the eggs section claiming they had duck eggs. I searched for them and upon finding none, asked a receiving coordinator for them- to which he replied "There are no more." Dejected I continued shopping only to be paged over the PA minutes later "Will the shopper who requested duck eggs please find me, we have them!" BALLER! I took the massive box from this hands and let me tell you, the box is huge because THEY ARE HUMUNGOUS! I brought them home and have yet to eat any. Truth be told, I am a bit nervous- but I'm excited all the same. I was also away all weekend so I was not duck egg-ing it up. I'll try to remember to let you know how it goes).
Anyways my first day of work I jumped right in and went to a party with my new co-worker. We headed into to SoHo to the NY Spaces fete at Sicis' showroom. YES! That amazing tile showroom where they do things with tile you never thought possible.
Happy birthday Mister President.
So in addition to amazing displays they had rows where you could just help yourself to tile samples. And it was just beautiful to look at. And rainbow bright-y.

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