Thursday, May 13, 2010

Upstate New York

My recent obsession with rock climbing has not gone away at all. Its increased, there is more or less nothing else I want to do (except be the owner of every fancy dress and fabulous shoe out there, and lets face it, that will probably never happen) (also, except for laying in grass in a park, and/or listening to live music) (and also, drinking good beer in perfect weather) and last weekend I was given the chance to jump on some real rock in the Adirondacks, or the 'dacks if you like speaking in climber lingo, which I totes don't.
So I took a two hour train ride, and a two hour car ride to somewhere near Albany, and then the weather was stupid cold and stupid raining and stupid stupid. No outdoorsing for me. We did hit up AIR, an indoor gym, where I lead climbed (or lead, or leaded, what is the past of this?) for the first time and totally got high (ha ha, I'm very punny) from that alone. They also had miles and miles (or like almost two) of indoor caves, the only gym like this in the nation, which will make any claustrophobe throw up and any kid or kid at heart pee their pants with glee. Yours truly especially liked the zip line. A playground for adults!

So- upstate is nothing like the city, and its kind of boring, and you have to take cars everywhere, a personal annoyance of mine. And yet I had SO much fun on my break from the city (even though I was away I insisted we watch New York, I Love You) I only took this one photo of Brendan with his dog, Cooper. I was too busy drinking at bizarre bars, eating delish veggie food, and pulling plastic.
I love dogs, and Brendan's were really special and you should go and holler at them if you like handsome dogs.

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