Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Javits

I spent three consecutive days in the bizzare-o glass building that somehow lets no natural light in called the Jacob Javits center, hollering at ICFF. Its safe to say I spent time with furniture. Here are my highly coveted picks, my what were you thinking critiques, and the "I can appreciate what they were going for"s.
I'm in love with the tie dyed wooden chair- and its oh so comfortable.
But this dream of a couch is the epitome of comfort. I could sit in in all day, lounge, take long luxurious naps, wear silk komono pj's, you know, the usual. I basically want this right now, its singing my song.
Its rumored that furniture made out of wood just makes me swoon. And truth be told there is no tub I would rather have than this wooden tub. Its just so cool, a tub made of wood! And look what happens when we diverge from wood-
weird ugly tables. Although I do kinda like the idea of the Theory of Relativity in a table, its not something that appeals to me aesthetically.
And there are still stranger things made of wood.
Bangin' on this bed would be an experience, no doubt, but I'm not sure I'd like to be the owner of this contraption.
I totally loved this shelving unit. Although its styled for a children's room I feel it would fit nicely in my room, or the living room. I bet it could even work in the bathroom, holding towels.
Pratt had a booth where presumably students had drawn on these plastic chairs. This one was one of my favorites.
Though I really liked the mouth chair too.
And my love for lucite meets my love for wood. And here are some lucite lamps that charmed me, and they are NOT made by Kartell, who wudda thunk it?

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Julie said...

FEED ME THAT COUCH!!! need/want.