Friday, May 7, 2010

Ok Go!

Babs invited me to see Ok Go with her last week at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. Since I was totally in love with their first album, and pretty much liked their second album too, I was like "totes!" Plus I've seen them live before (a few times), and if all else fails the lead singer is pretty to watch. Really pretty.
This time they had really neat-o stage tricks, like CONFETTI! Tons of it! For their encore I can only imagine it was inspired by Daft Punk, it was full of LED lights and lasers. Very cool/Burning Man-ish.
There was a beautiful part when the lead singer came into the audience and it was just him and his guitar, and us, and the mike. It was a nice attempt at intimacy.
Overall Ok Go might not make the most mind blowing songs, but they are really incredible, innovative, and catchy pop musicians. They took viral video to the next level several years ago with their dancing on treadmills music video, and they continue to shift a little left of center making work that is interesting on several levels, weather its a new jam with a cool beat, a video with the largest Rube Goldberg machine, or a fun and interactive stage performance. They are the full package, phenomenal entertainers. Plus they are really well dressed.

Below is part of a song they did totally with bells, which I thought was innovative and you can tell they took time to figure it out perfectly.

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erin alison said...

yeah, the hand bells are pretty killer.