Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Now don't get jealous. I just happened to be able to hang out, in a penthouse, in the Plaza, for work. For a couple of days. Its not like there was a party with a cool jazz band, lots of champagne and some of my favorite people there.
Who am I kidding? This was definitely a super perk of the job! And a great way to start off ICFF week, with a posh party. It left a good taste in my mouth for the next coming days.
This being my third New York Design Week, I can now don my "old hat" and not be as excited about a week of nonstop partying. Except when PARTIES AT THE PLAZA PENTHOUSE ARE INVOLVED.
I'm sorry, was that not classy enough for my surrounding digs? I do apologize. Indeed.Here we are, our company, hanging out on the terrace (which I kept calling a Terrance) overlooking a view most people never get to see. I took a small moment to remember how lucky I was to be were I was, and then I took some more photos to make you just a little bit more envious of our super plush and luxe lifestyles.

Judy and I's favorite activity, especially during ICFF, is to take goofy photos, its our way or engaging with the space. We shared this tradition with our lovely intern and new best friend, Carolyn.
Yes, there was a yoga room.

Judy, workin' hard, or hardly workin'?

More ICFF coverage to come, perhaps less silly in tone, though no promises.

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erin alison said...

the pic of you on the bed is really excellent. (that could sound a bit porny out of context... lol)