Friday, November 12, 2010

Charley and I- New York Urban Planers, I mean Co-Presidents, I mean Co-Gods, I mean Kanye and his Phoenx.

Charles: i say we just get rid of queens and slide brooklyn up
actually midtown too
so brooklyn is still close to downtown
and no one really needs midtown
me: I hate midtown
except for bryant park
Charles: maybe hell's kitchen can be an island
and we'll move bryant park into hell's kitchen
i like that reworking of the city
hmm, although losing queens might not be the best, make it an island too
i say replace it with staten island, but keep the subway connectivity
then just throw staten island into the middle of the atlantic
me: lets get rid of SI
take all teh ass holes, put it on the island and give it to NJ
Charles: yesss
me: we're so smart
Charles: we should be mayors of the city
me: yes
bicycling for everyone!
Charles: who needs midtown!
me: and lots of buses!
Charles: with bike racks on them like in SF
me: and chicago!
Charles: and congestion pricing! and upper manhattan being closer to brooklyn!
me: yes
Charles: i love how i'm charles in your gchat btw
me: hah
its your name dude
Charles: i should legally change my name to charley
like next job i have i want it to just be officially charley
in my signature i still put charles
like my formal signature
i'll still say regards, charley
and then charles ferrari client relationship manager IHS inc corporate corporate corporate
Charles: that's exactly what it says
corporate blahdy blah
me: nice
I love that
when we start a company can it say that at the bottom of our signatures
Charles: yes
yes it can
me: when we are co-presidents of nyc
Charles: charley ferrari
co-president of nyc
corporate blahdy title manager relationship strategist specialist
me: hah
destroyers of midtown
Charles: lol
slayers of staten island
Charles: maybe we can swap williamsburg and greenpoint for inwood and washington heights
i mean they're kind of the same shape
and the architecture in north brooklyn sucks
me: green point is good stuff
Charles: the art deco apartments and hilly topography would be a nice complement to brownstone brooklyn
yea some parts are
ok greenpoing can stay
Charles: bye bye williamsburg
me: see ya bushwick
Charles: yeaaa
me: hello inwood!
Charles: just pop inwood sideways there
but keep the water surrounding it! so make it like a little inlet with inwood popping out
like seriously, we should be city planners, our plans are amazing
me: That's true
except this is more than city planning, this is earth planning
screw being co-presidents, lets me co-gods
Charles: yess
me: of nyc only
Charles: i really like this plan
we'd make awesome gods
the cloisters can be our mount olympus!
how AMAZING would that be
like i always thought, if i ever became a vampire, i'd totally live in the cloisters
me: yes charley- if you ever become a vampire
this is very likely so its good you have a back up plan
Charles: god or vampire is likely?
i think vampire is more likely
god is a good backup
i'll also be very content with satyr
me: five year plan?
Charles: hell yea
i would be an awesome vampire
i've been told on more than one occasion my teeth already look like fangs a bit
like my incisors are very pronounced
me: good to know
Charles: if you were to be something supernatural aside from a god what would you be?
besides a gho0o0o0ost
me: like an established thing, or something I can make up?
Charles: you can make it up, be entrepreneurial
me: I'd be a kanye
Charles: i could be your phoenix!
me: perfect

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