Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Backstage Shenanigans

Chloe knows I geek out when I get to see what goes on back stage. So she takes me. And I geek out.
I got to watch them testing out the HUGE VIDEO WALL. The back was just tons of cables coming out. Because I've worked in video before, I know there was a rhyme and reason to it, but it looked absolutely outta whack. I really liked seeing this super non-fashion dad on the screen.
There are secret tunnels that run all over the place. Chloe knows to make my little heart go pitter patter, all she has to do is text me "Lets meet by the tunnel." Usually she is running around like a cray cray because she has work to do, but she let me take a FIERCE FASHION POSE to satisfy my goofiness. Hopefully Tyra would approve of my finding the light.

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