Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Art-o-rama: Parson's take one

So- this is what happens after art school ends. The floor falls out and this entire fantasy land that is a community where everyone talks about art just no longer exists. If one moves to NYC then one no longer has any sort of real studio space, and their poor roommate has to suffer a cluttered living room full of art making stuffs. There is no critical discourse, no exhibition, no fostering of the creative from one's peers.
This is why I LOVE going to the MFA open studios in New York. Last week Parson's, Hunter, and Columbia had their kiddies open up their studios and let me in. And anyone who wanted free wine. And I got to tell them art kids what I thought or their work, which I'm sure they really wanted to hear all about it.
Here is a small selection from Parson's. I have so many photos and not enough time to process them all, or edit them down. But this is a start.
Charley was my accomplice. He was a way good sport about me geeking out and talking to everyone who interested me.
Here he is, after we filled out a scantron. This work was from the great Chris Mansour who went to undergrad with me.

Not that I found these particularly interesting, but they reminded me of little Eames birds, on really big poops. I hope someone brought that up during crit.
This work was done by my former boss when I was working in Chicago. It was so crazy to walk in and be all like- HEY! I know you! And you're MARRIED?
My brian exploded a bit, and then Charley and I admired his landscape which only came to its truest form when viewed through the binoculars.
Charley said he had this book as a child. Weird. It's all MILF-y and Jesus-ey at the same time.
This makes Charley important.
The Importance of Being Charley.

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