Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thrifting in Chicago

I finally received in the mail the memory card I had left in Chicago, so now I can overshare with all y'all. Like this time time Kirsten and I went thrifting. We stopped in a furniture store because I just can't help myself. So what if I can't take it home?
Aren't the walls crazy awesome? I mean, yes, the colors are kinda barf-y, but the idea is super sweet. I could see this done with tone on tone, or pink on red...that might be a bit much.... whatever I'd probably love it.
And then I was really jealous of anyone who could buy this chair in Chicago. Its like an Eames lounger, but cooler because it isn't. Its a one of a kind and unique and I like that.
Look at all these adorable totzkes you can get for your place, if you live in Chicago. I have to say New York City thrift stores are really picked over. These sorts of things are not common place.

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erin alison said...

i was juuuuuust about to comment "how on earth could you post about that chair and not post about that amaaaaaaazing kitty tea set???!!!" but then you did, as i should have known you would all along.

when/where was this? i sooooo want that tea set! AMAAAAAZING!!!