Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I'm a winner!

Phillip and I spent a chunk of time working on a project two months ago. Basically for a whole week we spent every night behind a computer editing a video which had consumed hours writing, recording sound, figuring out logoistics, and filming. Being our second project (our first wasn't really a project, just a good bye song for our darling Agathe) we weren't sure how it was going to work out- just that we were amped, and really were excited about working on a real project together. Our project was a Bicycle Safety PSA for the Biking Rules PSA Film Festival.
We made a 70's themed piece, with some off kilter humour. The best part was that we involved all our friends who were willing to help, and my dad gets a special thanks for providing the voice over. Several weeks ago we received an email saying that we made it into the final round and our piece was going to be screened at BAM! That was some of the most baller news ever. And the other piece of news was that the winners would be annouced at the event- the grand prize for our catergory- ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS!
(yes I took a picture of myself on the big screen at BAM. Don't be jealous.)
Our piece was screened third to last, and after spending close to an hour watching all the other amazing pieces we weren't sure how ours fared but- WE WON! We were winners! $1,000 winners!
Many thanks to our friends and my family who came out, bought tickets to the event, and supported us. For our first endevour, we feel acomplished, affirmed, loved, and a little richer.
Also my dad wore a bow tie. I think that's why we won- fer realz.
After the screening they had a beer reception, with Brooklyn Brewery, my fav. We all drank and rejoiced. Phillip and I tried to network, kinda. I really wanted to talk to No Impact Man, who was on the judging panel, and a personal hero of mine, but I couldn't really remember what he looked like. Probably to his benefit because all I would have done was gushed gushed gushed.
I also wanted to find Tod Seelie, whose blog I read on the regular. He submitted some fantastic photos of tall bikes from when he was traveling in Bali, Jarkata, Toyko, and basically everywhere I want to go. I've seen tall bikes before (and tragically tried once to ride one), but my mom has definitely never been exposed to them and was really excited about them. I don't think he was there.
During dinner my mom said, "You know, this makes me want to ride a bike." All in all, fantastic night!


ALEX said...


do i dare say BALLLEREST???!

wow. good work.
do we get to see the piece??

Natália said...

That is so cool, Nora! Where can we watch it??


Anonymous said...

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