Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Chicago Industry

Finally I brought my camera into the office- so I can tell a tale or two about Chicago. Riding my bike from Pilsen to the West Loop brought me to this industrially beautiful place. Right here, this is something you can't always find in New York, though near the Gowanas Canal it gets pretty close. I can't get over the expanses of space all over the city, the industry that is another world. It existed the entire time I was in Chicago, and I never interacted with it more than an observer and a voyeur. Yet I must have known there is a whole community whose world revolves around the industry. A whole hidden history, a hidden world.
Once, while still in college, I took my video camera out to Bridgeport, Back-of-the-Yards Chicago to record the industry, the empty. I never did anything with the footage, but its proof the space always intrigued me.

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